Nepotism Barbie

Ivanka, with her talent for branding, but lack of ability to ‘read the room’ will convert all the negativity and vitriol directed at her into something to be ‘overcome,’ a ‘character building experience’, a great material for a book about how she never gave up and persevered. It’s her own version of ‘and yet, she persisted.’ (We will see a whole slate of these books, from Kellyanne, and Sarah Sanders, and Kirsten Nielsen in a few years, mark my words.) There will be no self-reflection, no admission of guilt. Guilt is bad for business. Macron and Lagarde gave Ivanka a cold shoulder? It’s on them, not on her. She was just being nice and they chose to be rude. She doesn’t understand the cause of their rudeness. Conveniently, she will attribute the hostility to misogyny. Ivanka is a creature of anodyne self-help books, of ‘Lean In’ platitudes, of appearances that she confuses with substance. She thinks that throwing around words like ‘women’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ should shield her from criticism. Ivanka (unlike Kellyanne, that bitch knows what’s going on) doesn’t have the capacity to understand the legitimacy of her critics claims. No, Ivanka, we are not attacking you because you’re woman and because we’re anti-business. We’re attacking you because you insisted on being a public figure – an unelected, unqualified and entitled public figure – with a private agenda.


3 thoughts on “Nepotism Barbie

  1. Marcy Stein says:

    What a great piece. Yes! Fuck Barbie. I will send you today a piece in the times that you will like. Great job!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fair enough. As long as you also show objectivity and understand that others attack the Scum Squad, for example, not because they are women or their color is of different shades off-white, but because they are looking to eventually destroy American economy through imposition of ever-increasing total government control, be it their evil intention or total ignorance and incompetence.

    • If I thought they were wrong, I would (criticize them without bringing up their gender or ethnicity). I just don’t think they are in this case. Also, what’s wrong with government control?

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