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2This blog is dedicated to the cultivation and promotion of testicular fortitude among the Left. I think that balllessness is a common problem on the Left which manifests itself in inability to win elections.

A few words about myself: I’m originally from Moscow. I spent a decade on Wall Street, at the fixed-income desks at various institutions. I quit the business a few years ago. Now I write screenplays and play poker tournaments.

My book, The American Spellbound – a fictional and satirical account of human fallibility that takes place during the financial crisis – was published in 2014.




15 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Sandwichman says:


    I hope you don’t forget to go after the faux-left academics, policy careerists and $300,000-a-year labor leaders who tirelessly promote their neo-liberal-lite reforms while shouting down “dangerous” ideas.

  2. katherine cai says:

    cold rainy day, start to go through your blogs. opened this page, and raphie ( my 3 yr old girl) was next to me. “this is katya”, i said, “i like her!” she said.

    quite enjoy the blogs, keep them coming..

    looks like u had fun in se asia.. cambodia is also my fave..there were no water lilies in the moat when i was at angkor wat..must be amazing

  3. Shatayu says:

    Was good to meet you again. In refrence to your blog for June10, 2010 (In defense of Obama) I have a few comments: Ironic that your blog is called Left With Balls but you are falling prey to the same “balllessness” that you are so angry of. I too am relieved that Obama was elected over our other option at the time. But Obama is very similar to all his predecessors, Republican and Democratic. Notice the virtual continuation of Bush’s policies (even George Friedman, your average war loving Republican, sites this in his book “The Next 100 Years”). Let’s just ignore the noise of this huge difference coming from places like FOX, MSNBC and all (BTW do you think that’s Anderson Coopers real hair color?).

    Sad for this country, when we consider Obama was elected by only a small majority while running against a party which had initiated 2 unsuccessful wars, had done very little to avoid economic collapse, emptied our reserves through tax cuts for the super wealthy and was represented by a soulless, compromised man running with an uneducated bimbo who doesn’t know the difference between a continent and a country.

    Obama for all his retoric and villification by the right, has done very little, considering Democratic representation in the house and senate, not to mention the unique historic moment he was elected in. Bush too won by a small majority in 2004 and we all know about 2000. But at both instances, he used his “leadership” to move the country toward his ideological views.

    Clearly Obama has ideological differences, we all know this, but he suffers from “balllessness”. Why blame him, when the so called “left” suffers from the same condition. The left is no longer the left. We have Democrats who are behaving like republicans, and republicans who are going fking mental.

    We are not asking for anything radical here. The best representation and telling example of Obama’s increasingly characterless policies is represented by having Warren report into Geithner and not head the consumer protection agency. We are not talking about closing Guantanamo, as he promised, which is quite a hot topic for the war loving masses. We are only talking about appointing a Republican woman who teaches at Harvard who wants to create some protection against unfair lending as the head of an agency which both Republicans and Democrats agreed to, in the wake of economic collapse. Even she is deemed to radical and “passionate” and a risk for the Obama team.

    You will say the country can only go so far left, Obama can only act within the political climate of the times. I don’t really believe in leaders but as it so often happens in history, powerful leaders can move and invigorate entire populations to move towards their way of thinking. For all of his clever rants and retoric, it seemed Obama could have sawed people or led the democratic machine towards a more “ballsy” future.

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