GOP’s Ersatz Universe.

It is not an overstatement to say that everyone in Trump’s entourage is prepared to lie, without second thoughts, about easily provable things, dismissing indisputable evidence – like the one from the entire US intelligence community –  as irrelevant and even fraudulent. I think that to maintain a veneer of plausibility, trying to defend Trump’s shifting narratives, becomes such an impossible task that they decide to discard it completely. At this point they know no one believes them and they don’t care. Trump’s spokespeople have graduated from behind the scenes manipulations to an outright skullduggery, then even further to a ‘what are you gonna do about it, sucker’ public stance. I wonder then, given this level of shamelessness, what has stopped his handlers from giving him his ‘deliverable’ – that is a public announcement by Zelensky of the start of investigation into Bidens – by hiring a Zelensky’s double, putting him in front of an officially-looking setting with a podium with Ukrainian flag on the background and have that double announce the investigation into Bidens? The assortment of self-appointed GOP errand boys, would then go on TV and with a straight face tell a befuddled news anchor, that it was, indeed, the real Zelensky and to suggest otherwise would just show the depths of depravity the fake-news media is willing to go to ‘get’ Trump, etc, etc. Would they consider this kind of stunt as totally bonkers? Would they be concerned that the world would gasp in disbelief at the audacity of such a performance? But why would they care? We have seen them promote easily disprovable bullshit before. Why stop now? With this stunt they would be creating a reality – an ersatz, cargo-cult, make-believe reality for internal consumption, and that’s kind of the point. If reality is what they make it to be, then WHAT stops them, at this very late point in this insane game, from doing just that?


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