Debate Questions Tips for Democrats

Next time, during the Democratic debates (and later in the general election), when a moderator is going to ask a stupid or ‘provocative’ or ‘gotcha’ question, Democrats have to call him/her out on that rather than respond. Just throwing some ideas out there:

Q: Where do you stand on providing sex change operation to transgender people in jail?

A: Nice try, motherfucker. What is the purpose of this question? Do you ask this question because you feel like this is a pressing issue of our times? If your goal here is to show that Dems are crazy and spendthrift, then, whoo-boy, have I got stories for you! Did you know (proceeds into a long rant about the cost of Trump’s golf trips and McConnell’s wife channeling federal money to Kentucky).

Q: Do you want to provide access to free health care to illegal immigrants?

A: No. And let me say this: the journalist who asks this question knows better than you what’s going on. If he doesn’t he’s a bad journalist and didn’t do proper research. But since (insert name here) is a seasoned media veteran he/she surely knows that there’s no provisions currently in our healthcare system to give healthcare to illegal immigrants. What he’s trying to do with this question is to create a ‘controversy’ (makes air quotes) where there’s none. And by the way, we currently spend $750 per person per day on immigrants in detention camps, but, if you’ve seen the pictures, those people barely get $10 of service per day. A better question is: where does that money go? Why don’t you ask that question (insert name here)?

Q: Some people call you a socialist…

A: Some people call me a ‘cocksucker’ when I beat them in poker. That doesn’t make me gay. But let’s talk about socialism (proceeds to describe Norway).

I hope you get the idea.


One thought on “Debate Questions Tips for Democrats

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know perfectly well that A. Term “Illegal Immigrant” doesn’t exist in the vocabulary of the Democratic candidates, media or moderators B. These questions are not provocative in the least, but are welcome by the candidates and the quasi-liberals. They are asked to reaffirm candidates’ adherence to the new religion and those who answer it according to the gospel get standing ovation. So, not sure what your entire post is about, kinda non-sensical.

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