In the beginning there were balls

That’s my answer to the perennial question of egg and chicken. There are too few people with balls these days. Especially on the left. The purpose of this blog is going to be the cultivation and encouragement of testicular fortitude among the liberals. So far the number of those can be counted on one hand.

What do we have? We have a bunch of well-educated, well-intentioned, reasonable, worldly, rational PUSSIES. We get represented by people who are not doing our bidding in Congress. All they want is to hold hands and sing kumbaya with bullies who can not be placated by anything. Our job is to knock the bullies out with a powerful punch or two and proceed to finish our business just by the time they are coming out of their coma. That’s what the political process involves: we won the election, people have spoken and spoken decisively against Republican policies. It is not our job to make friends with them – we have other more important things to do, like clean up the steaming pile of shit left by the 8 years of partying Republican frat boys. The job of the opposition is to, well, provide a meaningful opposition, and frankly, I would love to see some formidable opponents which would make politics an exciting process. I would love to hear pertinent ideas from the right on why unregulated free-market capitalism is a great idea and why fucking for pleasure is bad (for us, common folks). But of course the current opposition belongs to a mental hospital. I’m almost embarrassed for them. So democrats essentially is the only game in town and just as the time is perfect to strike the iron while it’s hot they let it slip through their hands. They do the classic Democratic maneuver called “snapping defeat from the jaws of victory”. They got dealt two aces for the first time since FDR, against the Republicans’ 2-7 offsuit and it is the Republicans who go all in, not Democrats. I don’t know, maybe they are planning some twisted, double secret strategy that involves conceding every legislative step to Republicans and then unraveling in some spectacular fashion annihilating the entire opposition. You know, to confuse the enemy. You see, that’s the problem – Democrats have misfortunes from too much overthinking and overanalyzing the situation, where Republicans just shoot from the hip and don’t give a damn about anything.

This fear – of making the wrong move – paralyzes many intelligent people. Not just in politics, but in everyday life. Conquering fear should be an ongoing quest in our personal and political lives. I noticed that that fear is positively correlated with IQ. No, I don’t have statistics – I have a gut feeling, ha-ha. The smarter you are, the more you know. The more you know the more you’re aware of possible outcomes of your actions, perhaps most of them negative. Your start playing too many what if scenarios in your head, each more elaborate than the other and in the end you do nothing, paralyzed with fear of failure. A stupid person is free from such analysis. A person with no brain but a lot of self-confidence will beat a person with intelligence but lack of courage. Just look at all the reality shows and Fox news.

Now, I do not advocate for Democrats to become less intelligent. I want them to recognize that different situation require different skills and right now it requires balls of steel. Democrats think that different conflicts can be resolved by mental gymnastics and fancy words, in which they, of course, excel, because, you see, they went to Harvard and Yale. Some conflicts, yes, for example if you were dealing with people who at the very least understand the meaning of words and of the way democratic process works. But you are not dealing with such people. Bullies understand force and not reason. That’s what we have to show them. All I’m asking of Democrats is to grow a pair of shiny ones. They will need them going forward.


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