Cats against Milk, Wolves against Meat

People against options.

I guess I don’t understand something. Normally, I would expect an average person to welcome different options in all aspects of life. Conservatives have been indoctrinated that capitalism and free market is good that’s why I’m puzzled how can they be against people having options. Isn’t that the essence of free-markets? What’s the deal with vehement opposition to public option? All it’s going to do is make the private insurance companies compete harder, like cutting costs and providing better services. All I hear right now from the Right are the whines that it’s not fair. Come on, guys, this is just a taste of your own medicine – you’re supposed to love competition. This is just another competitor coming in to play the game with you. And why should I care that some of the insurance companies might go out of business if the end result will be a better health care for me?

This childlike behavior is becoming boring. They are working tirelessly against their own interest just to prove a point to us, liberals. Like a child threatening to hold his breath until his mother takes him to Disneyland. Most of those teabaggers will never even come close to paying the tax rates that they are opposing. Most of them are quite old, considering the pictures from the protests, meaning they collect Medicare and Social Security. I don’t really see any reason for them to protest, because most of them seem like candidates to benefit from government intervention. They really look like a bunch of cats going on the strike to protest milk to prove a point, trying to outshout each other who hates milk the most. All because they don’t like the guy who distributes the milk. Or because they are concerned for some fat cat, who might pay for the milk and who doesn’t give a flying fuck about them. Because, you know, one day they plan to become that fat cat. Think about the magnitude of brainwashing required to accomplish that! Taking to the streets out of concern for the fat cat who couldn’t care less about them.

And for conservatives this hatred of options extends almost everywhere. Especially in social issues. No, we don’t want options! You take them and shove it! “We don’t want government to do anything for us!” The last one is the actual quote from the tea party protester. How about you take the dirt road, instead of a highway, back to your shack in the woods and next time you have an emergency you heal thyself with herbs and booze. But don’t show up to the emergency room, because it’s going to cost the taxpayers. And you care about taxpayers, remember? You don’t want them to pay for your misfortunes.  Just a thought.


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