Health Care Clusterfuck

I saw Bill Maher over the weekend in Atlantic City. He became funnier because Bush is no longer President so he actually has to come up with some other material and it is funny. He started to remind me more of George Carlin. Of course, he left no stone unturned. Obama, blacks, whites, men, women, fat, thin, conservatives, liberals, religious especially – no one escaped his sharp tongue. And about health care debate he had this to say ( I don’t have  a direct quote, but I’ll try to be as close as possible): Getting people to agree on public option is like taking a dog to the vet. They don’t understand that it is for their own good, so we have to resort to tactics like luring them with treats to get into the car to be taken to the hospital. And 5 years from now they’ll be screaming “Hands off my public option!” the same way they are protesting it today.

Last Thursday there was an anti health care rally sponsored by all the familiar faces. Among the usual slogans they had pictures of Dachau victims – black and white pictures of dead human bodies piled up on top of each other. I wonder what message are they trying to send with this? Please, please take me down that slippery slope and explain to me how the government health care option will result in what these pictures are implying.

It’s a freaking option, you dumbasses. If you don’t like it – don’t take it.

Another twist in the health care bill passage – the Stupak-Pitts amendment. Basically it would ban federal funding for abortions. At this stage I would just pass the damn thing – with or without abortion funding. If you try to gather all the necessary votes for whatever your pet cause it – it will never pass. As much as I’d like public funding for abortions, fighting for it will sabotage the bill passage in a way that we’re going to end up with no health care coverage at all. Trying to get enough votes on abortion coverage may win the battle but will lose the war.

However, this amendment has a twist: “Those individuals who would receive a government subsidy for health care under the plan — any four-person family making $88,000 a year or less — would also be prohibited from buying an insurance plan that covers abortions.” Prohibited from buying? WTF? Those you are trying to prohibit from buying the abortion option plan are the ones who will need it most. They would be buying it with their own money from private insurers. Jesus fucking Christ, what a clusterfuck!


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