Matt Taibbi on Sarah Palin

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone magazine is quickly becoming my favorite journalist. It was him who described Goldman Sachs as a “great vampire  squid wrapped around the face of humanity” this past summer.

Here’s a new one about Sarah Palin. I love his insight into this phenomenon. She is more popular than even Rush Limbaugh precisely because she doesn’t do any research or doesn’t care about facts, even fake ones. She found her place as a vessel where a lot of incoherent anger on the Right has found it’s release. You don’t even have to know exactly what you’re pissed off about, just being pissed about things in general – she is your gal.  Rush Limbaugh is talking about politics and Harry Reid, she is talking about assholes who are out to ruin her. Thus making her narrative much more appealing to her targeted audience.

Here’s a full article.

Sarah Palin, WWE star

My favorite part is about assholes. Marvel at this:

“Complaining about the assholes we interact with on a daily basis is the #1 eternal pastime of the human race. We all do it, and we get to do it every day, because the world is full of assholes. Me personally, I waste an enormous amount of time seething over people who get onto crowded subway cars with big backpacks on and/or talk in the Amtrak quiet car and/or drive 57 mph in the fast lane or, my personal favorite, walking with glacial slowness in a horizontal row four overweight tourists across on a New York City sidewalk. We all get into furious arguments at work that make us want to explode in self-righteous fury (in my office dramas I always realize I was actually the asshole a day or so later) and when we get home from work, this is usually what our loved ones hear about for at least the first hour or so.

Not health care, not financial regulatory reform, not Iraq or Afghanistan, but — assholes.”


One thought on “Matt Taibbi on Sarah Palin

  1. pohuist says:

    This is simply priceless.

    “walking with glacial slowness in a horizontal row four overweight tourists across on a New York City sidewalk”

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