Thailand (Bangkok)

Temples, temples and more temples. Sitting Buddha, laying Buddha, standing Buddha. It became overwhelming after a few days. I also overdosed on Thai food the first week and switched to burgers and fries. I know, it’s pretty pathetic.

There are some curious categories of tourists that visit South East Asia: there are ubiquitous German couples (both straight and gay), British tourists on a colonial nostalgia tour, dressed like and thinking that they are Indiana Jones, young hippie looking women on a spiritual journey, which I could have become 10 years ago if I have had a bit more acid than I actually did. And of course, single (or married travelling w/out spouse) guys on, well, another kind of spiritual journey. I felt myself out of place.

But the massages are amazing and for about $10 available on every corner. I couldn’t get enough of those. Jewelry shopping is also pretty good. Eventually I had to summon all my willpower to forbid myself from visiting jewelry stores. And they are everywhere!

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