Gun rights part 2

We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.

Many of you know that I support gun rights. I also support gays, for instance. However, if I saw a bunch of gays congregating in a national park brandishing their dicks offering to fuck each passerby in the ass just to make a political statement I would think that it was a filming of some sort of absurd Pythonesque show. The humor is lost on the Second Amendment marchers who will congregate in DC tomorrow to appropriately commemorate, oh, I don’t know, the 15th anniversary of Oklahoma City bombing perhaps?

Participants ready for tomorrow\’s open-carry rally outside D.C.

Their baseless belligerence is becoming absurd. What statement are you trying to make coming to a rally with the loaded gun? That your dick is bigger? Or that it is small and this is how you enhance it? Or that you are ready to kill somebody? Or do you dare somebody (who I might ask?) to attack you so that you could either a) exercise your God given right to finally shoot somebody or b) die in glory with your gun still clenched in you cold dead hands. They really remind of one of my favorite characters in Police Academy movies – Tackleberry. Overeager cadet who excels in imaginary combat, who longs to be attacked so that he can show those suckers how it’s done.

That’s what I think is the problem with these rally’s attendees. They own all these guns, but they can’t really use them other than on the shooting range. They dream of defending their property or their family from an intruder, but he just doesn’t come and they to resort to this sort of masturbation.
I think they secretly wish Obama would go tough on them, but he just won’t cooperate. For example just recently he signed legislation that allows guns in public parks. Thus they are able to bring them to this rally. But somehow it’s lost on them and they still feel threatened. The conversation with such people would go something like this:
– Me: But Obama allowed you to bring guns to the park!
– Them: Why are you liberals trying to take my guns away?
P.S. I’m particularly intrigued by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Freedoms. In a good way – I want Jews to have guns!


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