Chosen but not Special

Probably the most levelheaded analysis of the Mavi Marmara situation in particular and Jewishness in general.

Chosen but not Special

I can’t help but remember, and I might be mistaken, but I think it was Queen Elizabeth II, that when a journalist asked her why there’s no apparent anti-Semitism in England she replied: Because we don’t think that Jews are better than us.
By the way, I learned a great new word from the article – seichel, which in Yiddish means wisdom, although it is much more than just wisdom. It is this understanding on almost cosmic level of how things work. Incidentally, I had my own way of describing this as “knowing the ways of the force”, a concept which I borrowed from the Star Wars. For example: Warren Buffett knows the ways of the force. Now I have a much shorter word to use.


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