Ground Zero Mosque update

This is brilliant!

This guy decided to open the gay bar right next to the proposed Islamic Center. I’ll quote from his website. Please pay attention to the most interesting part – what the Cordoba House folks tweeted him back about his proposal:

So last night I announced plans to build a gay bar catering to Islamic men, near the proposed mosque site near Ground Zero.

The goal? To echo the mosque’s own website, which says it’s trying to promote integration and tolerance. I figured, I could return the favor, by opening a gay bar.

After all, Islam despises homosexuality – and this muslim-friendly gay bar would help mend fences.

Right now the working name of the bar is Heaven and Halal. It will be two floors – one serving Hallel food, and other other serving cocktails. There will be 72 of them. And they will be virgin.

So here’s an update, since last night.

Now, I’ve scoped out some properties. And, I’ve received countless inquiries regarding investment, folks who have offered up to six figures. But because some of them were drunk, they may have placed the decimal point in the wrong place.

I also contacted the Cordoba House, the folks behind the mosque – but they have not returned my calls.

So I tweeted them.

Here’s what they tweeted back.

You’re free to open whatever you like. If you won’t consider the sensibilities of Muslims, you’re not going to build dialog.

By the way, I’m not building dialog, I’m building a bar.

And as for the sensibilities of Muslims – which involves homophobia – thats not for me.

And that’s my point – its weird being educated in tolerance by an incredibly intolerant ideology. As long as gays and women are treated so poorly, how can they teach us compassion and generosity?

Anyway, I will keep you all up to date on the progress – and for more info, always come here.

If you don’t you’re probably a racist homophobe.

Here’s how I see it. Imagine, a new neighbor moves to your block and wants to integrate to the community. You decide to invite him and his family for dinner on Saturday as a gesture of good will, but for some reason, instead of accepting the invitation, he starts insisting on coming in on Friday. Arguing that he’s trying to build a dialog and that we have to be welcoming and understanding. You see, we have been welcoming and understanding long before you even considered moving to our block. Besides, your crazy uncle shit in my pool a few years ago, would that, at the very least, prompt you to accept the Saturday invitation? After all, even if we’re ok with you moving to our block, it’s ok for us not to invite you to dinner Saturday at all. Without seeming rude and intolerant!

On the end note – I think Muslims will be fully integrated when they grow a sense of humor big enough to be able to take jokes about themselves. The same way everybody else here does.


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