Republican Primaries

So the nutjobs advanced in the Republican primaries in Delaware, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Florida and Kentucky. Way to go, guys!
The Tea Party, the former pet of the Republican Party, that was never house broken and was purposely let loose around the house so as to bring about the disillusioned spectators who were looking for something new and exciting, has now become the master of the house. The GOP establishment was hoping to channel that massive energy that the unruly pet has generated into the wins by mainstream Republicans, but they got so carried away with their hatred of everything Democrat that instead of installing checks and strict discipline on the petulant and implacable beast they stoked and encouraged the clownish tricks. No denouncement or disapproval came from the establishment when the Tea Party candidates, running as Republicans, came up with such nonsense that in any other setting would be suitable for a crude comedy material. For example, Christine O’Donnell a winner of Delaware Republican primary yesterday believes that masturbation is the same as adultery. She also believes that her political opponents are stalking her and hiding in the bushes around her house at night. Sharron Angle, the GOP primary winner in Nevada believes that pregnant teenage girls can turn a “lemon into a lemonade” by staying pregnant, because, you see, this is “God’s plan” that we can’t interfere with. And I haven’t even gotten into Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim Socialist line of thought.

I do think that some in the GOP establishment, those who respect facts and common sense (unfortunately I can’t even think of anyone other than a handful of conservative columnists with a conscience) do not really believe that Obama is a Muslim Socialist. But because it was convenient to let those insinuations spread for political reasons, they stood aside and quietly rubbed their hands as the nuts were doing the dirty job for them. The questionable, unsupported by facts message is being sent to the angry electorate by the useful idiots and they (the GOP establishment) get to keep their hands clean.

I just wonder if those conservatives who came of age in the Reagan era, reasonable fiscal conservatives, Wall Street guys who just want their tax cuts, AIPAC members, libertarians – are they really happy that this is what Republican Party has become? Can they honestly say that they’re proud to be associated with the know-nothings?
Just a thought.


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