A Conservative Case for Welfare State

Former Bush II advisor Bruce Bartlett:

Historically, it has been conservatives like the 19th century chancellor of Germany, Otto von Bismarck, who established the welfare state in Europe. They did so because masses of poor people create social instability and become breeding grounds for radical movements.

He echoes my point that many policies that modern-day conservatives attribute to liberals are, in essence, conservative. They just don’t want to admit it for some reason.

It is also one of the most powerful points to make for those who despise the proletariat. It is in your own interest that those people are helped and lead more or less decent lives (no one is talking about luxury here). Because when they don’t, when their discontent passes that critical mass, even your gated-community cocoon will not be enough to shield you from undesired social changes.


2 thoughts on “A Conservative Case for Welfare State

  1. Right. But somehow the occupants of the gated communities ( I use “gated communities” as a metaphor for the sheltered 1%) don’t think those arms will be used against them. They will be used against tyrannical government, and the masses, of course, will be able to distinguish a “good” rich (entrepreneur who lifted himself by the bootstraps) from a “bad” rich (limousine liberal) and attack selectively.

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