6 thoughts on “Who Are You Gonna Call? 1-800-Buffett

  1. Vladimir says:

    Admittedly it is Thur afternoon and I am slower with age, but couldn’t figure out what was the point of the article…:)

    • Vladimir says:

      Sorry, just didn’t find any new perspective, information, challenge or question in there, hence was confused as to the purpose of you sitting down ( or whatever other comfortable position you assume to write ) to produce the piece…:0)

  2. Readers at policymic are not 1. as sophisticated about such matter, so they might have found something they didn’t know before; and 2. they are not as jaded as you are.
    But thank you for your feedback.

    • Vladimir says:

      Sophisticated – I understand ( though I am obviously not )
      Jaded – here I don’t quite understand.
      You are welcome, always happy to provide one where I think it is merited…

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