Will Wall Street See the Light Now?

No, not in that sense. That would be too much to ask.
I mean, will they tell these fucks in Congress they’re not going to fund their political campaigns anymore?

Then the CEOs should make this point: Slower growth means less business borrowing and investment, which results in less job creation. When that happens, business confidence dries up, consumers spend less, markets go berserk and the weak recovery gets even more anemic.

And then the clincher: If you can’t fix this mess, then I can’t, in good conscience, support your re-election or contribute to your campaign fund. And I will tell everyone I know to avoid doing so as well.

This has been my sentiment since about 2011. Well, better late than never.


6 thoughts on “Will Wall Street See the Light Now?

    • Yeah, I saw that too. US Freaking Chamber of Commerce!! Actually, they were kind of uneasy about the whole exercise back in 2011. Perhaps then they had more weight. These days Ted Cruzes don’t fundraise through businesses. They fundraise through scaring the millions of gullible into donating $20 online to “Repeal Obamacare”. So it maybe too late now.

      • It’s not too late – GOP candidates get more $$ as large donations from businesses than Dem candidates. And there is only so many times you can donate $20 to repeal Obamacare until you realize it’s not getting repealed anytime soon.

  1. David says:

    The average ROI to get protective legislation passed is still 40 to 1. While Wall Street in general may get a little irritated in the short term, there is still a long term incentive to put money in legislators’ pockets.

  2. They can get the same ROI donating to Democrats. Democrats, at least, can be invited to “smoke-filled rooms” and engage in some sort of meaningful discussion. Tea Party can’t, as they are zealots.

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