Magnetar’s Capital New Trade

At Policymic.

If it’s all about business, then, perhaps, Magnetar can halt its cheap displays of benevolence. A $25,000 donation by the property manager to staff one police officer at one of city’s schools would be a nice gesture if it weren’t accompanied by the attempt to strip the very same community of $1.39 million. If Magnetar really wants to repair its image from times past and to demonstrate its goodwill to the local community, there’s a great and easy way to do it: Pay property taxes and stop extracting value at the expense of the locals.


2 thoughts on “Magnetar’s Capital New Trade

  1. David says:

    They finally found an investment that makes a higher rate of return than junk CDOs and brown bags of cash left by politicians’ back doors.

    My cynicism precludes me from making a constructive comment…

  2. What annoys me most of all about these sort of investment schemes is the fact that in order to make money they have to be “schemes”, not an honest outright long or short position. There always has to be an angle, a trick of some sort that guarantees value at the end. Hedge funds praise themselves on being “risk takers” when on most of their trades they take no risk at all!

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