5 thoughts on “My Article in The Baffler

  1. B says:

    How do you think poker affects your worldview? When I learned about the potentially wild spreads between real and all-in adjusted results, my understanding of luck and success totally changed.

  2. I will not be exaggerating if I say that poker makes one a better person. Or better yet, it distills the kind of person you are for all to see. If you’re an asshole – it will show, if you’re a coward or an idiot – it will show too. I realized that I tend to be reckless and impatient when I play and I’m working on it in real life too. I died many glorious deaths with unnecessary all-ins. After I examined where I lose most of my money and adjusted for it, my totals improved significantly. If I left some pots on the table to some bluffs, so be it: it’s still better in the long run.

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