Better Late Than Never.

Oh, God, how much I understand this guy’s agony. This confession is not to be missed. Your corporate job kills you, turns you into a robot, makes you “dead inside” and thus properly inert, impotent to do anything about it. You lose the skills necessary to break away. And we are appalled at a medieval barbarity of the “dark ages”, we wallow in our own “enlightenment” and “human progress”. Isn’t corporate culture a modern version of an inquisition chamber, a Procrustean bed?


One thought on “Better Late Than Never.

  1. Vladimir says:

    Most people I know find the right balance, particularly given the fact that they become senior enough by the time they form families in the lower to mid-thirties. And by the time they are 46, most of them don’t really need to to work any more… They spend plenty of time with their kids and it is unthinkable that any of them will miss a funeral of a close relative. So, the dude is lame, it’s more about him and less about corporate culture bogey man…

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