Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress.

Imagine one day you’re sitting at home, watching Schindler’s List, all red-faced and fighting back tears. Suddenly the door opens and Bibi Netanyahu comes in. He looks at you disapprovingly, shakes his head, clacks his tongue and then proceeds to lecture you on your inadequate understanding of the Jewish plight. Naturally, your first impulse would be to want to punch him in the face. How can someone, anyone claim to know the depth of your understanding, when the only measurement such arbiters usually accept as adequate is the unquestioned, unexamined, feverish adulation of Netanyahu and Israel. If you find flaws with Bibi or Israel policies you’re practically a Holocaust denier and you want nothing less than an annihilation of Israel.

The intensity of you loyalty will always be questioned by the likes of AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson wing of the GOP, even if you declare yourself, again and again, as Obama and Democrats did for years, as an unambiguous supporter of Israel. There’s nothing one can do, short of dropping a bomb on Iran or kissing Bibi’s ass on TV, that will be deemed acceptable behavior to avoid being labeled anti-Semitic.

Many supporters of Israel are so afraid of being labeled as insufficiently loyal by the self-appointed arbiters, are so afraid to lose their business or half of their Rolodex, that they chose to acquiesce and tow the party line, rather than to raise questions, however pertinent. I mean, freaking Rand Paul got into trouble for not clapping enthusiastically enough during the speech, and then had to go on Fox News to explain his unseemly behavior. God forbid Sheldon Adelson, a de-facto leader of the GOP, would be displeased. Soviet Politburo at the height of the Cold War could not have dreamed of such loyalty and discipline among its members.

So that describes two types of supporters of Israel: ones that want to punch Netanyahu in the face and the ones that are critical of him but are also mindful of their businesses and political connections. They find it less troublesome to simply say: “Yes, Mr. Netanyahu, perhaps I don’t understand it. But I really, really want to. What do you want me to do?” as they reach out for their checkbook.

The third group is, of course, a group resembling high-school girls at a Justin Bieber concert. “Wooh, baby! That was awesome!” an Indian Republican screamed after Netanyahu was done. Maybe it’s a good thing they’re incapable of passing any bills down in DC. One shudders to think of what they might put in there.


2 thoughts on “Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress.

  1. Interestingly, majority of israelis belong to the 1st group, since Netanyahu’s party haven’t won the majority and not going to win it now, even if Bibi is going to keep his seat.

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