A Feminist Rant

I couldn’t sleep after the debate night. It’s as if some kind of lurking terror has been unleashed that we had only a vague idea of. I thought we were civil, I thought there were rules and norms, I thought that women would be defended when such obvious and hostile misogyny is displayed, if not by locker room bro, then at least by a person running for the highest public office on earth. I didn’t think it was possible for any man to dismiss it with such ease. But what I saw Sunday, it was chilling, haunting. This is not locker room talk, as we, in a routine gaslight manner, are led to believe. It was a peek at reality that we have been pretending doesn’t have a place in our democracy. Trump threatened to jail Hillary and the room cheered.

I wasn’t the only one in my terror. The chill has reverberated across the entire XX-chromosome community, whether liberal or conservative.

Here’s a conservative Christian woman appalled at GOPs misogyny.

And here’s a twitter rant of another conservative woman who has been defending GOP for years and had finally had enough.

There’s such a profound sense of betrayal, such a crushing, visceral hurt in these words of conservative women, who spent their lives defending their fellow Christian men, only to be let down in such manner because of a mere political expediency.

And this essay by Rebecca Traister is a must-read. For men especially.

Men are in for a rude awakening in November. Good. I’m sick of this bullshit. Women are “to be revered” Paul Ryan said after the tapes came out. What? “Revered”? That statement is revealing on so many levels. In his attempt to paint Trump’s behavior as unacceptable, Ryan revealed his own misogyny: women are objects to be admired. Furthermore, other Republicans, in their attempts to assuage an important voting constituency – white women – pulled out their usual rhetorical staple of “our daughters, wives and mothers”, as if women only exist as appendages to men, but not as independent human beings worthy of respect on our own.

Such men are incapable of examining where their sentiments towards women are originated. And women played along for too long. Fox News women thought that if they comply, look beautiful, wear tight dresses, then they will be allowed into the boys club, become one of the boys and thus protect themselves from a second-class citizenship. But even such strategic acquiescence has been revealed, last summer, by the sexual harassment suit that brought down Roger Ailes, as inadequate. So, no matter how you try to position yourself, you’re bound to lose: if you’re dykey or fat or fall short of modern-day beauty standard then you’re a loser. And if you show your cleavage and dye your hair blond and promote the conservative party line, there’s still no guarantee that the men of power will stand up for you when it matters the most.

The 19th Amendment remedy is coming this November. About time!



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