How to Proceed?

To build up on my previous post, below are some ideas on how to proceed with the described strategy.

You know how right-wing orgs masquerading as non-profits are actually fronts for peddling various products (Ann coulter books, gold coins, herbal ED cures and such), thus essentially operating as a business? It’s a smart scheme, they are sly motherfuckers.

We, liberals, have principles, and it would, rightly, horrify us to use dirty tricks to promote our agenda. I never saw us using our email lists to sell shit, for example. We are, indeed, better than that. So what to do?

I say we don’t have to compromise our integrity and still play a good, solid game. It is a game, btw.

In a nutshell, the strategy comes down to this: If you want to make money, structure it as a non-profit (that’s the GOP way); if you want to start a non-profit, structure it as a business (that’s our new way).

Right away, you can see many advantages of such approach.

Structure it as a business, a simple LLC, and you don’t have to disclose anything to the public. You’ll have to pay taxes, but remember, it’s essentially a non-profit, so we won’t be making any money, so we will just be reporting a loss. You’ll just be burning through the initial capital. Then, when the money runs out, close the LLC and start a new one.

The beauty of this is obvious: it’s totally legal, it uses the same schemes that Trump and many of his appointees have been exploiting for decades, and if anything enjoys the best protection in this country, both verbally and in practice, it’s business.

The LLC structure is a brilliant one. It does not have to file any reports with FEC, like many political non-profits do; it doesn’t have to disclose any information about who the founders are and how it operates. So people like Alex Jones could be told politely to fuck off. I mean it’s a private business – a sacred American institution, beloved by both Paul Ryan and Trump. An attack on a small business is an attack on America. This is how we should frame it. Now, juxtapose this approach with that of Acorn and Planned Parenthood – both of which were subjects to vicious attacks and pranks where one of them had to shut down eventually. There will be no pranks and intimidation here. What are you gonna attack? We have no office, no staff.

If some nosy investigator wonders about the nature of our business? We sell artsy stickers. Now, fuck off. Yes, we’re losing money, sure, but, why does that concern you. Are we allowed to have a bad year?

Initial funding can be done the old fashioned way – through multiple donations, or via, like, kickstarter, or by enlisting a couple of wealthy people willing to kick in 10-20K, just so that then they can giggle mischievously and tell good stories at cocktail parties.

Another beauty with this approach is that we’re not selling anything. With my ‘political billboard’ idea, the passing motorists will be intrigued about what it is that we’re selling. Propaganda, many will conclude. Wrong. Doubt. We sell doubt. This country is a fertile soil (thanks to GOP) for doubt.

We’ll be using the same tricks that GOP operatives used against citizens for decades against them.


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