2 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin 2.0.

  1. Really cool. Thank you, Katya.

    Surprisingly, I like it. Since Greta van Fleet band is so young, It will be curious to see the evolution of their sound. I am not a hard rock person, but I really like that song.

    Hope things are well on the west coast. Any plans coming out here? Miss you.

    Hugs and kisses, Natasha


    • Natasha, privet. I actually didn’t even know about this band until a few days ago. For a LZ fan, like myself, his voice is phenomenal. I’m enjoying West Coast. It’s just a different lifestyle, conducive to writing and contemplation. Although at the moment I’m volunteering a lot at the campaign office. I was on the East Coast a few weeks ago, and was thinking of hitting you up for coffee, but I only stopped by NYC for a few hours. My short screened at Buffalo Film Fest, so I drove from there all the way to AC with a short stop in NY. But I’ll be in NY again in the spring so we should get together.

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