Left nuts and Right nuts

Left nuts and Right nuts.

Folks! Every party has its own nuts. One might think that these two camps are diametrically opposite, having nothing in common and would welcome a chance to kill each other. But the more I think about it the more it seems to me that political specter is not a straight line with two opposite poles with nuts on each side, but a circle where the nuts actually converge. While you are trying to picture this, let me elaborate further.

Exhibit 1: Far Right nuts:

Exhibit 2: Far Left nuts (no, no it’s not Barney, it’s the woman he’s talking to):

See, they have a common theme which comes down to Obama being a Nazi.

But I must say, that the nuts on the Left are pretty lonely. Besides, most of them are harmless like tree-huggers or Pink Coders (Code Pinkers?), or annoying, like those occasional “Free Palestine” freaks on Union Square that just stand there under the green banner of Islam and disrupt traffic.  They also, from what I can tell, just stick to calling Obama a Nazi, because, perhaps they figured, if they throw Socialist, Marxist, Antichrist, etc. it might confuse the target audience.  They don’t  really have any support from the mainstream of the party, as has been aptly demonstrated by Barney Frank. He basically told her to go talk to the hand. Adults are trying to do some business here.

But the story is different on the Right. They love their nuts, they cherish them, they always give them a wink-wink, nod-nod signs, like trying to say, we’re really with you, brother, but I can’t wear my brown shirt just yet. I have to look civil, but you can count on me. Right nuts are also pretty violent. You don’t want to piss off a Right nut.

So that’s the difference between Left and Right nuts – the treatment that they receive from the Head Office. Pretty cool, eh?


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