Capitalism: A Love Story

I saw Capitalism: A Love Story today. It’s very depressing. Funny, some things that Michael Moore mentions in the movie I explored briefly in my previous posts, like Wall Street running the show and American Dream being an unreachable carrot to keep people occupied. What I would like him to show in this movie, though, and what he didn’t mention is that what we had wasn’t real capitalism. If it was a true capitalism, in Ayn Randian sense, then those who were supposed to fail would fail and not be given hundreds of billions of dollars. What we had is a corporatism, where it is sink or swim only for the little guy, but a welfare for the corporations. I thought that he was attacking the system that wasn’t even in place.

I can almost hear the screams on the Right of tax cuts as a means to cure anything. I almost want to puke. If they work so well and Bush delivered them as he promised, then explain to me how we ended up here? You say other forces were at play? But isn’t tax cuts a panacea from all ills according to you? Perhaps, the aspirin works when patient has a cold. But judging from the current state of events the patient will require more than aspirin. And just because it might have worked before with the cold, doesn’t mean it’s gonna work now. Maybe now what is needed is triple bypass surgery. Why are Republicans so uninventive, so orthodox? It doesn’t do their movement any good because if they really believe that tax cuts will cure everything that means they are disingenuous at best and willfully ignorant at worst. Come on, guys, it’s not the 80s anymore. Reagan is dead. You’re still trying to drown the government in a bathtub? Have your think tanks come up with something more original.

Damn! Now I’m cheering on the Republicans. What’s wrong with me?

Note to Dems: Guys, please get your next mortgage from a bank like all of us do. Don’t go directly to your friends at Countrywide like Chris Dodd did. It’s embarrassing.

Oh, by the way. Alan Grayson was on Bill Maher last night. That guy has balls AND a sense of humor. One quote: “I understand what the president’s doing, and you know, people attack him and he turns the other cheek, just like a good Muslim would do.” Fox News is having a creepy laugh and rubbing their hands at such a juicy quote. I think they should look up “satire” in the dictionary.


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