Republicans and Medicare

I’m still not sure whether they are for it or against it. Mitch McConnell’s website had him one day saying that cutting Medicare is not what Americans want and the next day – that expanding Medicare can lead to a financial ruin. Technically, it’s not a contradiction: Yes, Americans like their Medicare and perhaps expanding it would be tough on a budget. But there’s no doubt they like THEIR Medicare, because many Republicans over 65 and that includes Mitch McConnell as well as Chuck Grassley, Orin Hatch, Dick Lugar, James Inhofe, Saxby Chambliss, you can see the full list here:

List of Republicans recipients of Medicare

Which makes me think this is the case of “I got mine and screw the rest of you”.

Needless to say, when Social Security Act was passed in 1965 which included Medicare, most Republicans voted against it because they viewed it as a slippery slope towards Socialism. Ronald Reagan argued in 1961 that if Medicare wasn’t stopped “one of these days you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free”. Oh, what pathos! 44 years have passed since then and now they are spending their sunset years reaping the benefits of “socialist” programs while telling the public the same old stories scary stories about “soshulism”. I think they kinda like it, but since it’s de mauvais ton in the Right circles to be recipients of government help they have to at least pay lip-service to “everybody for himself” mentality.


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