Obama and the Banks

Poor Obama is between a rock and a hard place. Call the bankers fat cats and they get offended, get cozy with them and be accused of bending to corporate interests. And banks are ungrateful bitches. I think this whole situation should be played out like the scene in Star Wars where they “arrest” Chewbacca and the rebels and convoy them through the enemy ship to a safe place. Except I would have a frank Joe Pesci-esque talk with them afterwards. See my previous post. Wall Street Regulation

If you remember back in March when busloads of protesters were going to AIG headquarters, Obama said to bankers that his administration is the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks. And what do we get in return? Some oversensitive fucks on Wall Street who object the name calling? You’re already getting watered down regulations that won’t make any difference. So the least you can do is shut up about it and play along.

And for my conservative friends who still worry that Obama is a socialist, here’s the latest from Matt Taibbi. In a nutshell: you have nothing to worry about. Obama’s big Sellout


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