Back from Asia:

Some statistics:

Countries visited: 5 (7 if count transit)

Miles travelled: At least 45,000


After a while I stopped asking locals whether or not they have seen “Apocalypse Now”. Not only they haven’t seen it, they haven’t even heard of it. I liked Cambodia the most among the visited Asian countries. People are still friendly – there are tourists but not a lot, so they have not learnt to harass them yet as, say, Vietnamese. Angkor Wat is impressive.

Cambodia puts things into perspective for you. I realized what a spoiled bitch I am. Oh, well, now I have to live with that thought forever. But seriously, the poverty is breathtaking there and yet they don’t seem to be depressed about it. I also got to shoot an AK-47 on the shooting range. Bazookas and other more serious stuff was also available for some ridiculous price, but the kick(?) for Kalashnikov was so strong, that I figured I’d be plastered all over the wall if I try anything stronger.

Here’s some perspective:


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