Federal government to lift restrictions on guns in national parks

This is for the Obama-will-take-my-guns-away crowd. Although I doubt that words and facts mean anything to those people. They want to believe that he will. It’s convenient for their cause.

Federal government to lift restrictions on guns in national parks

The same thing with taxes – they went down for 95% of the population, but the teabaggers believe they went up. Because otherwise what would they have to scream about?

Mass Delusion on a Grand Scale

These people are disgusting. So immersed in their own little fantasy world where they are being harassed by an imaginary black guy that they are beginning to enjoy being the victim. Because, you know, then they can complain. Otherwise they would actually have to do something other than dress up in colonial gear and wave the flag. I guess the glory of the 60s civil-rights movement makes them wanna have their own, because back then these types were on the wrong side of history. They are dreaming of their own Woodstock.

Conservative Woodstock

Well, drop some acid or something, smoke some pot. Although in order to engage in some mind expanding exercises you must have the mind first. These guys are hopeless.


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