Congressman with balls

That’s what I’m talking about!  Unfortunate last name, true, but man, he has cajones!

Listen to this:

Anthony Weiner rips the Republicans for being a fully-owned subsidiary of insurance companies. Indeed, why are they so afraid of public option? God forbid insurance companies would actually have to COMPETE! But that would be capitalism!


8 thoughts on “Congressman with balls

  1. Vladimir says:

    O yeah, he did have cajones and he didn’t hesitate to show them to anybody willing or unwilling to look. Somehow he lost them completely when the time came to admit to some frivolous behavior. And the fearless fighter of other peoples’ sins, shriveled and turned into a limp dick. Like every other overzealous righteous prick, he had a suppressed darker side. I never trust this type, especially in a politician.

    • Vladimir says:

      Katya, I am very calm…:) And even though he was my Rep, my comment was not really abt him, but rather about the righteous pricks in general. I read some of your blog, we seem to be in agreement on that one: в тихом омуте черти водятся..

      I will make another fairly general observation, using Mr. Wiener’s particular speech abt Insurance Cos: every time somebody makes accusations like this – I lose respect and trust in the speaker. These types of statements are not supposed to be truthful, they almost never are. They are made to sell a point, a book, a show, a persona. Be it Ann Coulter or Tony the Limp Wiener, it matters not, I personally shut down and move on…
      Oh, and by the way, I am not so sure he is done with politics, he seems to be too ambitious, too well connected and too unscrupulous to be disqualified permanently from the esteemed club of the American Political Elite…

  2. Oh, absolutely agreed! As soon as someone displays a holier-than-thou attitude he has something to hide himself. But I disagree that he can return – the damage is too great. I mean pictures and his adamant denial, even to his friends!

    • Vladimir says:

      I agree that no self-respecting man should return after this kind of disgrace. And I agree that once a politician was caught blatantly lying – he/she should not be given another chance, as this is the only real capital they have in my eyes. But, alas, he is young, he is a father now, I think, he’ll give it some time and start crawling back. Look at Spitzer, he is working his way back in, and Mr. Sex-in-Socks actually broke the law, no less…
      Anyway, I am not ready to place bets, Wiener may find his new calling in the private sector ( spokesperson for Insurance Co anybody? 🙂 ), but I wouldn’t write him off that easily either…;)

      • I’m actually more lenient towards Spitzer, although it doesn’t stop to amaze me how men of power can continue doing stupid things without expecting to get caught. Wall Street hated Spitzer, which means he was doing a good job. He resigned rather quickly and without insulting our intelligence with some made up stories.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree, Spitzer’s offense in my mind is stupid but forgivable, doesn’t really make him untrustworthy…
    But WS. Sure they hate those squeezing them, does not necessarily mean that the squeezer is doing a good job, unless you believe WS as whole to be the den of thieves…

  4. Exploring the psychology of WS is my favorite topic. I have reasons to praise them for their resoursfullness and I have reasons to loathe them for their greed and shortsightedness. They are like characters from a Scorsese movie.

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