Health Care Passage

Have they passed it yet?

I love it how the protesters and those opposing the bill refuse to acknowledge what’s in this bill and what’s not. No government funds for abortion and yet they stick fingers in their ears and keep screaming: Killing babies, killing babies, killing babies! It will cover those that don’t have insurance right now and they scream: It will not, it will not! There was one couple who are uninsured because they can’t afford it right now but they oppose the bill because? I guess because one day they plan to be rich and it would bother them that now some of their taxes go to those who can’t afford it. The fact that they will be covered under the plan doesn’t please them because of the manner it will be delivered. Jesus, ladies and gentlemen! It’s simply astonishing what mental contortions these people have to go through in order not to step on toes of the insurance companies. Commies would dream of making people so selfless for the sake of higher ideals. It’s ok if I’m sick as long as the rich are not taxed more and the insurance companies keep making money. I think they tried everything, short of rolling on the floor kicking and screaming.

5 years from now, of course, those same people will be defending with the same passion, as they do Medicare and Medicaid right now, the coverage they are going to receive under this law. They just don’t know it yet.

P.S. I’m positive they would love this bill if Republicans wrote it.

Update: Bill passes 219-212. Amen!


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