Words of comfort to my conservative friends

Dear friends,

This morning has caught you in an apoplectic state. I feel your pain. And as we move closer to socialism let me offer you some consolation.

You are not alone and this is not the first time that the unpopular bill is being stuffed down our throats. There are many issues, for each and every one of you that won’t let you sleep at night for a while. For some it’s government intrusion into your personal lives, for some – it’s growing debt, for others it’s state sponsored abortions. But you know, the rules of the game have not changed. It is still the same poker we all have been playing for decades. It’s just that somebody has a bigger chip stack now and it’s not your guy. I have to admit, you had some skillful players in your camp who played a very deft game before hubris got the better of them. For many years you were check-raising us on the turn and we had no choice but to fold sheepishly. Well, it feels like Democrats read a few books on strategy. And just as they are in need of a worthy opponent to test their newly acquired skills, you replaced those Machiavellian players with nutsos from across the street to keep the game going.

Behold your stupendous past. One can only envy the maneuvering and the galls it took you to pass, just to name a few, Patriot Act, massive tax cuts, a $1.4 trillion Medicare prescription drug benefit and a crown jewel of them all – Iraq War.  And I’m not being facetious – I’m giving you accolades for what can be achieved if one really wants something real bad. All I’m asking you to do is to be a little honest with yourselves, you don’t even have to admit it to anyone, just to yourself. Why weren’t you concerned about growing government, deficit and intrusion into your private lives then? Back in the day I asked some of my Republican friends, and at the time no one heard of Obama, so I had to use Hillary as an example, how would they like HER to have all that power. My inquiry was met with incredulity, as if it could never happen. Perhaps it was even hard for them to fathom the possibility of this happening. So, no, there was no problem with such concentrated power, because the other side simply will never get it. It was going to be a permanent Republican majority. Imagine what it must have felt for us, liberals back then. Believe me, this too shall pass. Well, with the exception that this bill will not be repealed. How would you argue against it, when there’s actually no death panels and no one is killing the grandma and people are not tossed off the coverage mid-treatment. I mean you have some skillful term definers that come up with bumper sticker one liners, but it’s a fight you can not win.

Guys, honestly, I want to see you back on your feet again soon but please bring some adults into the game. Because the whole show now looks like Obama is beating on a helpless puppy.


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