May Day 2010

Happy May Day, everybody! With the bevy of events to go to in Manhattan today we couldn’t miss our traditional marijuana march, which happens to be on May 1st.

The march, although small and overall a parody of what it used to be 10 years ago, attracted many well-wishers who honked, waved, cheered, laughed and displayed their solidarity in many ways. I think this is the one issue that really crosses ideological lines and not a strict left vs. right issue. The sanity of the speakers, however, deteriorated as the rally progressed. Bloomberg, Schumer and Obama all got thrashed. One speaker, an old man who was said to be 95 years old and was reportedly shunned by Commies because he was too radical gave a speech where he incorporated a deliciously twisted story of Moses and the burning bush that was actually cannabis that got Moses so high that he ordered the Jews to get off their asses and start marching. Hey, that was the story, don’t ask me how he came up with that. The audience seemed to enjoy that crazy old grandpa a lot purely for the entertainment value. Another speaker had some issues with “yuppie scum” as if the yuppie scum is the reason pot is illegal. You see, that’s the problem with most of the leftist rallies (right-wing rallies have their own problems that have been abundantly described in this blog, but I’m an equal opportunity offender). It can be a good cause, but then some fringe elements show up and turn the whole thing into a farce. Overall, the march was boringly uneventful, no arrests, not even the occasional hint of sweet smell that catches you more often on New York sidewalks on a normal day, making you turn your head in search for an elusive source.

Pictures below.

Green Santa

Libertarian Party Senate candidate Randy Credico greets Green Santa

Best costume

Passing thru a much bigger rally on Union Square

Amused spectators

Amused spectators #2

Just some dude


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