VP debate outtakes

Just a quick summary from last night’s debate:


1. Still no details on what loopholes he plans to close to deal with deficit. I don’t understand why everyone is still calling him a wonk. Wonks are supposed to know their issues in and out.

2. He criticized Obama for his foreign policy which can mean only one thing: Romney/Ryan want to take us to another war (with either Syria or Iran).

3. He trashed stimulus and yet asked for stimulus funds. His response: “That’s what we do”.

4. On Catholic faith and abortion: He thinks that a person’s faith can not be separated from his policies in office. (To me it was a big alarm). Expect more Scalias appointed to Supreme Courte if Romney/Ryan win.


1. Biden had a very simple job – to come out swinging – and he got it done. The point here was not to convert those wavering independents, but to energize dispirited Democratic base and he did it.

2. He stumbled a little in the beginning when talking about attack in Benghazi. Very simple rebuttal here: 3000 Americans died on American soil in 2001, 4 Americans died in a foreign country in 2012. A tragedy? Yes. Drawing parallels between the two as conservatives love to do – foolish.

3. Finally, 47% got a mention in a very personable way – these are the people we all know.

4. I’m glad he brought up Medicare vouchers – I hope those under 55 will understand the implication of this: when they reach 65 they will be handed a voucher and be sent dealing with the insurance companies on their own. Great business model – for insurance companies.

In summary, both camps will claim victory here, but the bottom line is every guy did what he was supposed to do for their own partisans. Democrats lacked enthusiasm for the last 2 weeks and they will get it back. Republicans have their already energized base but probably haven’t won any more independents. So I give slight advantage to Biden on this. But the overall race comes down to get out the vote now.


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