Who won and who lost last night

Yesterday, on my Facebook I made a prediction before the results started rolling in: Obama will win 303 Electoral votes. As of midday Nov 7th I’m still nailing it: Obama has 303 EV with Florida’s 29 still being counted. But if he ends up with 332 I won’t mind.

The fact that he won Virginia is especially sweet. I have spent an enormous amount of time in that state working with the Obama campaign. This election is the main reason I was absent from blogging for some time. Victory is everything!

I don’t even know where to begin. While many of us on the left are engaging in well-deserved gloating this morning and trashing Romney, I do feel a little sorry for him. If only his party wasn’t so extreme, he would have become the 45th president of the United States. Imagine if only he stood up to bullies within the Republican ranks: the Akins, the Mourdocks, the Rush Limbaughs. If only he found a backbone to quell the right-wing nuts circus who forced him to run on delegitimizing Obama as a citizen and as a human being. This message never stuck with the majority of the electorate, albeit it became self-evident in the right-wing bubble. They began to believe their own spin. If you repeat over and over again that Obama is a Muslim socialist not only you begin to believe it yourself, by extension you believe in impossibility of him winning the election.

As a result, the biggest loser yesterday was a wide spread Republican reliance on “gut feelings” and on unskewedpolls.com. They can create their own reality with their spin and echo chamber and they can live in it, but they can’t win elections unless they venture out of that bubble. Poll after poll days before the election was showing Obama stubbornly ahead in battleground states and yet those numbers were dismissed with a breathtaking assurance. “Romney Landslide” was predicted by many conservative talking heads (Michael Barone, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, George Will) on the eve of the election. Where do they get their numbers? I understand Karl Rove is a spinmeister, that’s what he does, but George Will? He’s usually the more reasonable and restrained one. Was wishful thinking and Obama hysteria so strong that it managed to envelop even the more analytical minds on the right? Frankly, I’m speechless! It does remind me of that Monty Python episode with Black Knight that I have posted earlier this month.

I take great pleasure that the most vicious nutjobs are gone (Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Joe Walsh) and I’m happy to see Elizabeth Warren win Senate in Massachussetts, Sherrod Brown in Ohio and Tim Kaine (for whom I also campaigned) in Virginia.

Math and statistics, reason and common sense prevailed last night. Small-mindedness, elitism, bigotry and stupidity lost.

Now, I will go and celebrate.


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