Equality in Plunder

Today is International Women’s Day and predictably we’re seeing articles on a dearth of women in management positions. On Bloomberg today there’s an article about how activist investors – guys like Carl Icahn and Dan Loeb – don’t appoint women board members when they take over the companies. Naturally, the article laments the situation while the corporate raiders, those who bother with a comment, give us platitudes about seeing a ‘bigger picture.’

Bloomberg writers, whether by lack of curiosity or adherence to the party line, refused to looked at the issue from another perspective. They never question is it right for women, or anyone, to possess that kind of capacity for destruction. All they care about is equality, even if that equality means access to the tools that sow that destruction. Activist investing, if you’re not familiar with the term, refers to a practice of taking over the management of an existing company, stripping it of any value, firing its employees and then bragging to shareholders about ‘efficiency’. Complaining about the lack of women in that kind of position is like complaining about Jeffrey Dahmer (the serial killer) not hiring female assistants.

This article reminded me of another short-sighted lament in business circles about the lack of women at World Economic Forum at Davos. Cathy O’Neil (mathbabe) made a good point about it earlier this year. Why, instead of pointing out the corruption on modern-day business elites, one encourages women and minorities to join them? Is it because the task of defending the indefensible becomes easier when it is done by a few strategically placed blacks, women and gays? Does it absolve the old white rich guys who are pulling the strings behind the scenes, when they can point at ‘diversity’ at their control panel?

No one questions the price of that kind of ‘equality’. I once heard an adage about the difference between white and black women. It said that white women seek equality; black women seek justice. Indeed, white women strive to get into that corner office so that they, too, can plunder the world like the guys did for centuries. Black women, on the other hand, can smell a rat here, and thus reject the entire system that only perpetuates the injustice. Like planets or a light beam that are at a safe distance from a massive gravitational object, they are uncorrupted by its gravitational force. White women, on the other hand, usually are. Thus black women, unlike white women, are under no illusion about this whole corrupt scheme. Just some food for thought.


2 thoughts on “Equality in Plunder

  1. Great point. Your observation had definitely made me think. As a white woman I, indeed, can relate to the desire of climbing the corporate ladder. It would be curious to hear what Condi Rice would say in this case. As always, thanks for thinking, so that I don’t have to.

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