Odd Alliance Between Evangelicals and Supply-Siders Comes To An End

A curious observation about Evangelicals that were supposed to stop Trump in the South. What kind of evangelicals are they if they prefer Trump to a Bible-thumper Cruz? Is it some kind of special, American strain of Christianity that’s all about ego and winning and bombast? I’m glad Trump exposing it as a total fraud, even though that’s not necessarily his intent. He’s doing a job no one except him could’ve done. On the other hand that also explains why this alliance between Evangelicals and supply-siders lasted so long: they are Christians in name only. They got their guidance from prosperity preachers (which is, I hope how Cruz will end up) and WSJ editorials, not the good book. (I haven’t read it but I saw Jesus Christ Superstar and I clearly remember Jesus smashing the trading terminals in the temple.)

The bottom line is you can pray and you can trade but you can not do both.


3 thoughts on “Odd Alliance Between Evangelicals and Supply-Siders Comes To An End

  1. I think it was more or less clear for a while that Evangelicals were Christian in the name only, judging by their attitudes toward the poor, gays, foreigners, and so on.

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